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Your online personal profile is just that personal. Just like conventional privacy, it needs to be protected, respected and valued so if you choose to disclose personal information, you decide how, where and with whom, and what the subsequent trade-off is.
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TransparentSee enables you to build a more open and trusted customer relationship. As your customers become more aware of the value of their online personal profile, be proactive in helping them to manage their digital privacy. Your customers get a richer brand experience; you get greater brand loyalty. More ....
Meet the team working on TransparentSee and learn about their experienc and backgrounds. More .. The company mission for TSee is to enable consumers to regain control of the data they share with apps on their devices while allowing app brands and companies to offer consumers fair value for access to and use of their personal data. More ... Find company details and information. More .... Find company details and information. More ....